Friday, April 13, 2007

And the winner is..................

Iggy Enigma! The number was 43. I am shocked that someone guessed it exactly. Iggy, please email me ( and let me know what you would like young Grant to create for you. Please be specific, are there any colors you would like the artist to use? Imagery? Would you like one of his abstract works, or a portrait perhaps? Would you like him to draw while eating a popsicle, to maximize the staining possibilities?

Congratulations, and thanks for entering. We will get back to our regular routine of posting and critiquing, once Grant's sister is in college and I have something resembling free time.

1 comment:

Iggy Enigma said...

what?!! i don't think i've won anything since... i don't know when. and it was the exact number?! i am so excited! i was channeling grant with that one.

i will email you tomorrow. the inspiration will come to me in a dream tonight. having never met granteeny himself, i am so excited to have his influence inspire me all the way out here in washington, d.c.

once i have the original granteeny here safe and sound, i will rewrite my will so that it ends up in the smithsonian in the likely event of my passing. HOORAY FOR BLOG CONTESTS!!!