Thursday, July 05, 2007

Visiting Great Grandma

A plastic tube snakes across the floor between a pair of sandaled feet and a green velvet chair. A woman's leg is visible in the upper right corner. Who are these people, where are they and what is their relationship? What is the tube connected to? The title mentions his great grandma, could it be the tube to her oxygen tank? Our perspective is the perspective of a 4 year old boy. We are left out of the conversation as he seems to be. He passes his time studying the minutia of the room; the texture of the chair, the mystery of the tube, shoes. The photographer seems to be more interested in the cramped composition and flat perspective than he is in the banal subject matter, but the fact that he is able to pique our interest in the scene is a testament to his skill and clever eye.Like William Eggleston, Grant takes photos of seemingly mundane scenes and imbues them with a sense of mystery and life.


todd said...

wow. this is a great image. i would say grant bests the current crop of hip "lifestyle" photographers like ryan mcginley and wolfgang tillmans. and he seems to be references parts of the not-gross segments of nan goldin's and larry sultan's work.

savoury toothed tiger said...

is there any medium at which this prodigy is not an immediate and compelling master?!?!