Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Girl With Hair Ribbon- after Lichtenstein

Grant has been very interested in Lichtenstein as of late and is often found thumbing through his worn copy of The 20th century Art Book at night studying his work.

Here we have a study of Lichtenstein's, Girl With Hair Ribbon. Lichtenstein faithfully reproduced an image from a commercialy printed comic strip, down to the Benday dots. The artist's hand is concealed as much as possible, altering the original only by means of scale, method and materials. Grant however, starts with Lichtenstein's reproduction and deconstructs it, showing his hand at every moment. His Benday dots are random and distorted, nothing more than an acknowledgement of their presence in the original. The smooth and precise application of color is replaced with rough scratches of crayon spilling across the image. While Lichtenstein sought to elevate a cartoon to high art, Grant works backwards and takes Lichtensteins painting past its comic roots and back to the origins of the comic- grafiti scrawled on a wall.


Natalia said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy checking up on the new artwork here; reminds me of my nephew and nieces' own pieces. Keep up the good work!

Joe said...

Thanks, Natalia. That is nice to hear. I am trying to get back into posting more. I'm glad to hear people are still reading it. How did you find Granteeny?

jenhirr said...

I am glad to see you posting again. I have become a fan of your and the artists work. (Maybe I'm a stalker.) I've seen similar work. Unfortunatly, I've thrown away hundreds of pieces. I'm beginning to understand how priceless they were. Oh, regret!
(I found you through Carrie's blog.)

Natalia said...

I found Granteeny when I was looking up Pollock's art on google and I saw Grant's imitation :o)