Monday, December 31, 2007

Listening To See If Everything Has The Same Heartbeat

In this performance the artist wandered the streets of downtown Olympia with a stethoscope. He would occasionally stop to listen to a window, a building, or a bench and then his own heart. After pressing his stethoscope to a rock, his sister and a rack of clothes he was asked to explain his actions. He answered, "I'm listening to see if everything has the same heartbeat, so I can learn." The artist then placed the stethescope to his sister's head and declared, " sounds like a lightening storm!"


old prof said...

ah ha. what a pleasure to have forgotten to have checked this for awhile and then find new stuff.

The UnMighty said...

She must have been doing some deep thinking.
(I found you through "the new awesome" who are friends of mine. Good stuff.)

d/b/c/m said...

hmmmm. very insightful. little sister sounds as exciting as her brother.