Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Stamp on His Head

This is the artist's first known mixed-media piece. A figure flanked by a puma and a bear grins, his gaze hidden behind a stamp placed on his face. Is this actually a cyclops, Polyphemus perhaps, the stamp over the eye a metaphor for his blinding at the hands of Odysseus? Does the bear at his feet act as a stand in for the giant's treasured flock of sheep? When asked for some sort of insight into this enigmatic work, Grant explained, "Candy is tasty".


old prof said...

This is some of the best stuff I have ever read and its illustrated!
I laugh at odd times remembering it. embarassing. Like somethng suddenly remembered from Pogo, a comic strip from forty years ago.

English said...

It's true. I looked it up and Candy is indeed tasty.

Kid's a savant.