Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Halloween Guy and a Bat and That's His Bag of Candy

Here we have a lovely drawing documenting Grant's recent performance piece, "Halloween". For the performance, the artist dressed as a train conductor, complete with whistle, hat, red scarf, and "soot" on his cheeks. He then proceeded to wander the street asking neighbors for candy. The the performance continued and he began to repeat, "more candy, more candy, more candy" under his breath. As he knocked on doors asking for "treats", he seemed to gain momentum until he was dashing from door to door nearly yelling, "more candy, more candy!" He then returned home and ate as much candy as he could before collapsing on the living room floor from sheer exhaustion. Grant had transformed himself into a metaphoric "runaway train" of consumption in a biting critique of man's inherent greed. At the end of the performance, the artist literally had to be carried up the stairs and put ino his own bed, too spent to even change out of his costume.


Anonymous said...

I used to do performance art like this. I'm not saying I've grown beyond it, I really would like to continue doing this form of art. It is nice to see a younger generation grasp and add to it.

joe said...

I think it really is experiencing a resurgence. I must have seen dozens of other artists roaming my neighborhood Tuesday night.