Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's All the Magic Schoolbus

Another in The Magic Schoolbus series, "It's All The Magic Schoolbus" shows the bus once again spinning into action. Critics often fawn over Grant's facility in mark making, and here we have it at it's most dynamic. His lines are almost electric; they pulse with energy as they pull the viewer into the vortex of his composition. When asked why he so frequently includes the bus in his work, he answered, "Because I do." When pressed to elaborate he covered his mouth with both hands and left the room.

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old prof said...

Grant and his art critic have taught me a lot, a lot, about art. and now a life lesson. The next time my wife asks me a question i will cover my mouth with both hands and run from the room. its bound to work better than what I am trying now. Thanks so much.