Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rain Cloud

"It's a rain cloud and it is raining out the people that were in it"

A swirling brown mass hangs heavily on the page. Several dripping lines and dabs of color escape its belly. A red smear seems to fall into the page in the upper left corner. This work was created after a two week long rainstorm in the artist's home town of Olympia, Wa. Like Jonah escaped the belly of the whale, the people are spit out from the depths of the cloud. They are represented in bright reds and yellows, capturing the hope and joy of a rare sunny day in the midst of a Northwest winter.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the artwork is more a statement against the injustices that occurred against the Japanese during WWII and the continuing malignment of the Native American in the Northwest?

Joe said...

I have been reading A People's History of the United States to him at bedtime, so that is probably a valid analysis.