Monday, December 18, 2006

When the Sun Grows Up He'll Get Blue

The first tinges of blue have already started to seep into the sun's core, sapping it of its warmth. Its last rays hurdle off into space. Is this a depiction of the sun's eventual death; the slow transformation into a black dwarf? Or could it be a metaphor for that particular form of teenage malaise that is so prevelent in small towns? Either way, it is a weighty subject for a 3 year old, but it is handled deftly.


Anonymous said...

One envies Grant his ability to stare into the abyss and deal with lifes great questions without blinking. Prohet, sage, poet and artist. He conceives and executes. One can forgive such a one for embodying his vsion on his trousers for the vision may be lost in the search canvas.

Old Prof said...

Abyss'and trousers aside, I just find this one beautiful