Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's Just the Boys

Three totemic figures stand side by side on the page. They are rendered in a neoprimitive style, like an ancient cave painting on notebook paper. The artist identifies the figures as the boys from the Time Warp Trio, but the religious motif is hard to dismiss. Are "the boys" standing in for Christ and the thieves on the cross? The figure on the right even wears a cross on his chest. Recent statements made by the artist also point to a religious interpretation; during his evening bath the other night he asked if anyone knew what the word "sacterfize" meant. Michelle asked if he meant "sacrifice" and he said, "no, sacterfize. That is when you put your finger in this tube (he gestured to the pump from a shampoo bottle he was playing with) and then Jesus sprays water at your bum." It must be a german word, they have one for everything.


bex said...

That very well might be Jesus. I'd know that smile anywhere.

oldprof said...

wait a minute! I was impressed that he got the eyes right (that he got eyes at all) but are those pupils in the eyes? What three year old does that?