Saturday, March 17, 2007

You and Me Playing Catch

This one is open to interpretaion, please feel free to analyze it yourself and share your thoughts.


bex said...

it looks like you guys are playing catch with something not quite solid - something that loops and dribbles a little as it is tossed. Joke is on you - Grant is actually just throwing some pudding at you.

Joe said...

I wondered what that blob was. You also should notice that I am the small one at the left. I sense a challenge to my authority.

English said...

Pudding, my foot.

It is obviously a question he is "throwing" at you. Grant senses that while his skill and prowess as an artist already exceed even the most wild expectation, he needs guidance from those more experienced.

With the tossed question mark he asks: "How do I wield this gift?" "What do do with it?" and "Where is the strike zone of true success?"

What of the pickle this then puts the viewer? What do we do with the vulnerability revealed in the piece? Are we held responsible for the education of children? Does Grant not yet know a question mark carries a dot below its curved staff, or is he making a point?

Joe said...

well done.

Tabitha and Mike said...

Joe, I have to agree with your interpretation that Grant may be challenging your authority. He may be experiencing a form of the Oedipus complex as refered to by Freud. It is a stage of psychosexual development in childhood where children of both sexes regard their father as an adversary and competitor for the exclusive love of their mother. (Michelle is pretty cool)
However, there is no need for you to worry psychoanalysis does not consider the complex a pathology, but instead a perfectly normal stage that all children go through.

Joe said...

if I know my psychology, and I think I do, clearly the only solution is to prove to him how much cooler I am than his mother. Thanks!